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Shark-Tool Samsung FRP Tool – Charge existing Shark Account


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Shark-Tool Samsung FRP Tool – New Shark Account 10 Credits Pack


  • Remove FRP

Credits cannot be refunded if Shark server is not working.

Samsung – Supported Models

Handsets with * # 0 * # not working are supported as well.

  • SC-series: SC-01M SC-04L SC-42A SC-51B SC-52B SC-53A SCG01 SCG05 SCG06 SCG09 SCG10 SCG14 SCV41 SCV45 SCV46
  • A-series: SM-A013 SM-A013F SM-A013G SM-A013M SM-A015A SM-A015AZ SM-A015F SM-A015G SM-A015M SM-A015T SM-A015T1 SM-A015U SM-A015U1 SM-A015V SM-A022F SM-A022G SM-A022M SM-A025A SM-A025AZ SM-A025F SM-A025G SM-A025M SM-A025U SM-A025U1 SM-A025V SM-A032F SM-A032G SM-A032M SM-A035F SM-A035G SM-A035M SM-A037F SM-A037G SM-A037M SM-A037U SM-A037U1 SM-A037W SM-A042F SM-A042M SM-A045F SM-A045M SM-A047F SM-A047M SM-A102U SM-A102U1 SM-A105FN SM-A107F SM-A107M SM-A115A SM-A115AP SM-A115AZ SM-A115F SM-A115M SM-A115U SM-A115U1 SM-A115W SM-A125F SM-A125M SM-A125N SM-A125U SM-A125U1 SM-A127F SM-A127M SM-A135F SM-A135gz SM-A135M SM-A135N SM-A135U SM-A135U1 SM-A136U SM-A136U1 SM-A136W SM-A137f SM-A137u SM-A145F SM-A145M SM-A145P SM-A146M SM-A146P SM-A146U SM-A146U1 SM-A146W SM-A205F SM-A205G SM-A205U SM-A205U1 SM-A215U SM-A215U1 SM-A215W SM-A217M SM-A217N SM-A225F SM-A225M SM-A226B SM-A226BR SM-A235F SM-A235M SM-A236U SM-A236V SM-A245F SM-A260F SM-A260G SM-A305F SM-A305FN SM-A305G SM-A307FN SM-A307G SM-A315GZ SM-A320F SM-A325F SM-A325M SM-A326B SM-A326U SM-A326U1 SM-A326W SM-A336B SM-A336M SM-A346B SM-A346M SM-A405F SM-A426B SM-A426U SM-A426U1 SM-A505F SM-A505U SM-A505U1 SM-A515F SM-A515FZ SM-A515U SM-A515U1 SM-A515W SM-A515X SM-A5160 SM-A516B SM-A516D SM-A516J SM-A516N SM-A516U SM-A516U1 SM-A516V SM-A525F SM-A525M SM-A526B SM-A526D SM-A526U SM-A526U1 SM-A526W SM-A528B SM-A536B SM-A536E SM-A536N SM-A536U SM-A536U1 SM-A536V SM-A536W SM-A546B SM-A546E SM-A546U SM-A546V SM-A705F SM-A705FN SM-A705GM SM-A705MN SM-A705U SM-A705U1 SM-A715F SM-A715FN SM-A715GM SM-A715MN SM-A715X SM-A7160 SM-A716B SM-A716S SM-A716U SM-A716U1 SM-A716V SM-A725F SM-A725M SM-A730X SM-A736B SM-A805F SM-A9050 SM-A905F SM-A905N SM-A905X SM-A905XC SM-A920F
  • E-series: SM-E625F
  • F-series: SM-F7000 SM-F700F SM-F700J SM-F700N SM-F700U SM-F700U1 SM-F700W SM-F707 SM-F7070 SM-F707B SM-F707J SM-F707N SM-F707U SM-F707U1 SM-F707W SM-F711B SM-F711N SM-F711U SM-F711U1 SM-F711W SM-F721B SM-F721U SM-F721U1 SM-F721W SM-F9000 SM-F900D SM-F900F SM-F900J SM-F900N SM-F900U SM-F900U1 SM-F900W SM-F907B SM-F907N SM-F916 SM-F9160 SM-F916B SM-F916J SM-F916N SM-F916U SM-F916U1 SM-F916W SM-F926B SM-F926N SM-F926U SM-F926U1 SM-F926W SM-F9360 SM-F936B SM-F936N SM-F936U SM-F936U1 SM-F936W
  • G-series: SM-G715U SM-G770F SM-G770X SM-G780F SM-G780G SM-G7810 SM-G781B SM-G781F SM-G781N SM-G781U SM-G781U1 SM-G781V SM-G781W SM-G9080 SM-G960F SM-G960FN SM-G960N SM-G960U SM-G960U1 SM-G965F SM-G965U SM-G965U1 SM-G9700 SM-G9708 SM-G970F SM-G970N SM-G970U SM-G970U1 SM-G970W SM-G970X SM-G970XC SM-G970XN SM-G970XU SM-G9730 SM-G9738 SM-G973C SM-G973D SM-G973F SM-G973J SM-G973N SM-G973U SM-G973U1 SM-G973W SM-G973X SM-G973XC SM-G973XN SM-G973XU SM-G9750 SM-G9758 SM-G975D SM-G975DS SM-G975F SM-G975J SM-G975N SM-G975U SM-G975U1 SM-G975W SM-G975X SM-G975XC SM-G975XN SM-G975XU SM-G977B SM-G977F SM-G977N SM-G977P SM-G977T SM-G977U SM-G977U1 SM-G977V SM-G980F SM-G980U SM-G980U1 SM-G980X SM-G9810 SM-G981B SM-G981D SM-G981J SM-G981N SM-G981U SM-G981U1 SM-G981V SM-G981W SM-G985F SM-G985U SM-G985U1 SM-G9860 SM-G986B SM-G986D SM-G986F SM-G986J SM-G986N SM-G986U SM-G986U1 SM-G986W SM-G9880 SM-G988B SM-G988BR SM-G988J SM-G988N SM-G988U SM-G988U1 SM-G988W SM-G990B SM-G990B2 SM-G990BR SM-G990E SM-G990U SM-G990U1 SM-G990U2 SM-G990U3 SM-G990W SM-G990W2 SM-G991 SM-G9910 SM-G991B SM-G991N SM-G991Q SM-G991U SM-G991U1 SM-G991W SM-G996 SM-G9960 SM-G996B SM-G996N SM-G996U SM-G996U1 SM-G996W SM-G998 SM-G9980 SM-G998B SM-G998N SM-G998U SM-G998U1 SM-G998W
  • J-series: SM-J250F SM-J260M
  • M-series: SM-M013 SM-M013F SM-M015F SM-M015G SM-M017F SM-M022F SM-M022G SM-M022M SM-M025F SM-M045F SM-M107F SM-M107G SM-M107Y SM-M115F SM-M115M SM-M127F SM-M127G SM-M135F SM-M307F SM-M307FN SM-M515F SM-M526BR SM-M625F
  • N-series: SM-N770B SM-N770F SM-N770X SM-N960F SM-N960N SM-N960U SM-N960U1 SM-N960W SM-N9700 SM-N970F SM-N970U SM-N970U1 SM-N970W SM-N970X SM-N971N SM-N971XN SM-N9750 SM-N975C SM-N975D SM-N975F SM-N975J SM-N975U SM-N975U1 SM-N975VU SM-N975W SM-N975X SM-N9760 SM-N976B SM-N976F SM-N976N SM-N976Q SM-N976U SM-N976U1 SM-N976V SM-N976VU SM-N976XC SM-N976XN SM-N976XU SM-N980F SM-N9810 SM-N981B SM-N981N SM-N981U SM-N981U1 SM-N981W SM-N985F SM-N9860 SM-N986B SM-N986D SM-N986J SM-N986N SM-N986U SM-N986U1 SM-N986W
  • S-series: SM-S102DL SM-S111DL SM-S115DL SM-S124DL SM-S127DL SM-S134DL SM-S136DL SM-S205DL SM-S215DL SM-S236DL SM-S326DL SM-S426DL SM-S506DL SM-S515DL SM-S536DL SM-S9010 SM-S901B SM-S901E SM-S901N SM-S901U SM-S901U1 SM-S901W SM-S9060 SM-S906B SM-S906E SM-S906N SM-S906U SM-S906U1 SM-S906W SM-S9080 SM-S908B SM-S908E SM-S908N SM-S908U SM-S908U1 SM-S908W SM-S911B SM-S911U SM-S911U1 SM-S911W SM-S911X SM-S916B SM-S916U SM-S916U1 SM-S916X SM-S9180 SM-S918B SM-S918N SM-S918U SM-S918U1 SM-S918W SM-S918X
  • T-series: SM-T227U SM-T735 SM-T738U SM-T878U SM-T878U1 SM-T975
  • X-series: SM-X808U

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Detailed information on the further use of the digital product will be sent to your email, specified during registration, when we confirm your payment and process your order.

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