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NCK Box/Dongle 1 Year Activation


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NCK Dongle – ACT1 Activation Features

  • MicroMax unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Alcatel Android Unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • HTC Android Decoding
  • Read Huawei Gxxx series codes via cable, unlimited decoding – Server Based
  • Avivo unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • VeryKool unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Huawei Qcomm modems
  • MessagePhone unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Gtran unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Spice unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Chibo Mobiles calculations
  • and more…

NCK Dongle / NCK Box – CDMA Features

Samsung CDMA

  • Flash, Decode, Repair


  • Flash, Decode, Repair
  • Auto model detection, auto flash chip detection to prevent wrong flashing (exclusive feature)

NCK Dongle / NCK Box – Iden/Palm Activation Features

Motorola Iden

  • Decode CNS Old
  • Decode CNS New

Palm Pixi/Pre

  • Auto detect phone model
  • Decoding method
  • Decodes phones with blocked counter
  • No flashing phone or installing Java Apps
  • 4-Step decoding method

Where to find the serial number?

You can find your serial number using the NCK Main Module software.

  1. Download the latest version of NCK Main Module software:
  2. Run the Main Module software to read the serial number of your box/dongle.
Find your serial number at the botom

Note! Use NCK Box software for a box and NCK Dongle software for a dongle, not vice versa.

If you still have a valid access, you won`t be able to add this activation.
Wait until your access period is over and then buy this activation.

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