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DC-Unlocker Lite Activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle


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DC-unlocker Lite activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle allows its owner to use all of the features of DC-unlocker software with Infinity-Box/Dongle. With this activation you can decode almost all of the supported models * for free. Although you’ll need some credits to service some of the models.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Time saving solution (one operation takes from 5 to 60 seconds)
  • Free updates
  • Constantly updating list of supported models
  • No need to choose any COM-ports, software will automatically detect connected modem

DC-unlocker v..1308. FRP Remove added for:

  • Huawei Ascend Y6 Pro:TIT-AL00, TIT-CL10, TIT-L01, TIT-L02, TIT-U02, TIT-TL00;
  • Huawei G9:VNS-DL00;
  • Huawei P9 Lite:VNS-L01, VNS-L02, VNS-L03, VNS-L11, VNS-L21, VNS-L22, VNS-L31, VNS-L53, VNS-TL00;
  • Huawei Honor 4C Pro:TIT-L01, TIT-TL00;
  • Holly2 plus:TIT-AL00, TIT-CL10;
  • Huawei G Power:TIT-U02;
  • HUAWEI Y3II:LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L21;

Supported Models

  • Amoi: U2000+
    4G Systems: XS Stick W14
    Dell: 5510 Express Card
    Huawei: B220, B260, B560 3G router, B933, E1152, E122, E150, E150 (beeline), E153, E153 Airtel Kenya, E153 Dialog Sri Lanka, E153 Globe, E153 India IDEA, E153 Mobinil, E153 MTS Uzbekistan, E153 Philippines SmartBro, E153 SUN, E153 Tigo Tanzania, E153Eu-1, E153u1 Egypt Etisalat, E1550, E1550 India IDEA, E1550 Kyivstar, E1550 Meditel, E1550 MTS (MTC), E1550 Viettel, E1552, E1553, E1556, E1556 Mexico Telcom, E156 / E156B / E156C / E156G, E158, E160 / E160G / E160X, E160 Beeline Russia, E161, E1612, E1630, E166 / E166G, E169 / E169G, E170, E171, E171 Beeline, E171 MTS Russia, E172, E173, E173 Beeline Uzbekistan, E173 Dialog Sri Lanka, E173 Metfone Combodia, E173 Mobiphone, E173 MTS Uzbekistan, E173 Safaricom, E173 SmartBro Philippines, E173 Sudan MTN, E173 Tanzania Airtel, E173 Vietnamobile, E1731, E1731 India Airtel, E1732, E1732 India IDEA, E173Eu-1, E1750, E1750 Safaricom, E1750 Viettel, E1752, E1756, E176, E1762, E177, E177 Sudan Zain, E1780, E1786, E180, E181, E1820, E182E, E1831, E188, E188 Optus Australia, E192, E2010 football, E219, E220, E226, E226 Telcel, E230, E261, E270, E271, E272, E303, E352, E353, E357, E367, E368, E372, E392, E398, E510 TV, E5830/E583x/E5836/E5837 and others, E585, E585U-82, E586, E587 , E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E800, E870, E880, E881e, E960 / E968, E970/B970 router, EG162 / E162G, EG602 / EG602G, EM770 Module, EM775, EM820u, Emobile D01HW, Emobile D02HW, Emobile D03HW, Emobile D12HW, Emobile D21HW, Emobile D22HW, Emobile D23HW, Emobile D24HW, Emobile D26HW, Emobile D31HW, MomoDesign MD-@ HSUPA, UMG1691, UMG181, UMG1831, UMG366 (T-Mobile JetTM 2.0), Vodafone E3735, Vodafone K2540, Vodafone K3520, Vodafone K3565, Vodafone K3715, Vodafone K3765, Vodafone K3765 Vodafone Egypt, Vodafone K3770, Vodafone K3771, Vodafone K3806, Vodafone K4505, Vodafone K4510, Vodafone K4511, Vodafone K4605, Vodafone K5005, Vodafone R201
    Huawei Phones: Huawei C8500 CDMA (beta), C8511 CDMA (beta), Emobile H12HW, ETS3160 WIP, FC612E, MTS 736, Plusfon 603i, T7200, TMN U125, U1000/U1000s, U120, U120e, 401i, U121, U1220s, U1250, U1251, U1270, U1280/ U1285, U1310, U2800, U2801, U3100, U3200 U3200-9 U3209, U3205, U5110, U5700/ U5707, U5900/ U5900s, U6150, U7300, U7310, U7510/U7510s/U7517/U7519, U7520, U8100 / U8100-5 / U8105 / U8107, U8109/U8110 T-Mobile Pulse mini Android , U8150 IDEOS (T-Mobile comet), U8160/ Vodafone 858 Smart, U8180 / X1, U8220, U8230, U8300, U8500, U8510 IDEOS X3, U8530 / Orange Barcelona, U8650/U8651, U8652, U9105, U9120, UM840, Malibu, SFR STARSHINE, 715, 716, 720, 725, 735, 736, 810, 840 3G Touth, 845 Android, V830
    INQ Phones: Chat 3G, Mini 3G, SkypePhone3
    Longcheer: WM610, WM66 / WM66A, WM71, WM72
    Maxon: BigPond Maxon modem BP3-USB, BP3-EXT, Telstra Maxon turbo modem USB3-8521
    Micromax: MMX610U
    MyWawe: Momo Design MD-@ Revo
    Novatel Merlin: Expedite EU740, Expedite EU870D, U530, U630, U730, U740, X950D ExpressCard, XU870 (Express card), MiFi2352/MiFi2372, Ovation MC545, Ovation MC547, Ovation MC679, Ovation MC998D 21 Mbit, MC930D, MC950D, MC990D
    Option Globetrotter: 3G Fusion, 3G Fusion Quad Lite, 3G Fusion+ EMEA, 3G+ HSDPA, EDGE, EDGE COMBO, Express 7.2, Express HSUPA (GE0301), Express ULTRA (GE0302), Globesurfer ICON, Globesurfer ICON 7.2, GPRS (first generation), GT MAX 3.6, GT MAX 7.2, GT MAX HSUPA (GX0301), GT ULTRA (GX0302), GTM351E module, GTM378 module, GTM380 module, GTM382 module MO40x, HSDPA 7.2 (GT0201,GT0202), ICON 225, iCON 210 (GI0201) , iCON 401 (GI0401) , iCON 431 (GI0431, T-Mobile 530) , iCON 451 (GI0451), iCON 452, iCON 461 (GI0461)
    Pantech: UMW190
    Sierra Aircard: AC501, 312U, 313U, 319U, 320U, 330U, 753S Mobile Hotspot, 888 Compass, 889 Compass, AC503, AC754S, AC760S, AC763S, AC850, AC860, AC875, AC875u, AC880, AC880e, AC880u, AC881, AC881e, AC881u, AC885 Compass, MC8700, MC8755 / 8755V, MC8765, MC8775 / 8775V, MC8780, MC8781, MC8785/MC8785V, MC8790, MC8801, USB 301, USB 302, USB 306, USB 307 21Mbit, USB 308, USB 309
    SkypePhones Amoi: iNQ1 (SkypePhone 3), Orange Berlin, Orange New York, SkypePhone AMOI WP-S1, SkypePhone AMOI WP-S2
    Toshiba: G450
    ZTE Phones: Orange SanFransisco (beta), Orange Tactile Messaging, Telstra Smart Touch T3020 (beta), TMN BlueBelt I (beta), TMN BlueBelt II (beta), TMN SilverBelt (beta), TMN Soft Stone (beta), Beeline C100, BLADE (beta), F100, F101, F102/F102i, F107, F116, F160, F600, F821, F870, F930, F950, F951/F951e, F952, G-S202, G-X930, GR230, Jack 3G, Link (beta), Mercury (beta), MF8402, N261, N61 (beta), Orange RIO II, RACER (beta), Raise (beta), S2x SkypePhone, Sage, SFR 114, SFR 231, SFR 241, SFR 251 MSN, SFR 261 MSN, SFR 342, SFR 343, T100, T106, T108, T203, T50, T870, T930, TMN U122, Vodafone 547, Vodafone Indie, X760 Orange Vegas, X760 T-Mobile Vairy Touch, X761, X850 (beta), X990, X991 Orange Rio, Xiang (beta), Z221, ZTE-G N281 Orange Miami, ZTE-U F953/Mimosa
    ZTE: MOMO Design MD-@ Mini, MOMO Design MD-@ PLUS, AC30, AIKO 82D, MF100, MF100 Beeline, MF100 Kyivstar/MTS, MF100 Smartbro, MF100 Viettel, MF102, MF110, MF110 Viettel, MF112, MF150, MF170, MF170 djuice (Kyivstar), MF180, MF180 Beeline, MF180 SmartBro Philippines, MF190 / MF190, MF193, MF210, MF30, MF332, MF3680, MF61, MF616, MF62, MF620, MF622, MF622+, MF626, MF626i, MF627, MF627 Philippines SmartBro, MF628/628+, MF631, MF632, MF633, MF633+, MF635, MF636, MF637, MF637U, MF639, MF645, MF656, MF658, MF662, MF668 / MF668A (21 Mbit), MF669, MF683, MF820D, MF821, MF880, MF91, PHS300, SFR 232, Vodafone K3520-Z, Vodafone K3565-Z, Vodafone K3570-Z, Vodafone K3571-Z, Vodafone K3765-Z, WEBPOCKET 21.6

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Detailed information on the further use of the digital product will be sent to your email, specified during registration, when we confirm your payment and process your order.

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